W. Hacke

VISTA-Endovascular is a repository for trials involving endovascular approaches to stroke treatment.

Pre-planned analyses of endovascular trial data are currently underway, after which data are to be contributed to VISTA-Endovascular.

Eligibility criteria for inclusion include:

  • Minimum dataset of 20 patients
  • Baseline assessment within 24 hours of stroke onset
  • Baseline assessment includes recording of neurological deficit by Oxford, NIHSS, SSS or similar
  • Pretreatment assessment includes some form of angiography or vessel imaging
  • Functional outcome assessed between 1 and 6 months after stroke onset AND/OR vessel patency assessed at least 24 hours after stroke onset
  • Outcome assessment includes recording of at least one of NIHSS, SSS, Rankin, Barthel or GOS