VISTA-Cognition Eligibility Criteria

We invite the contribution of studies that meet the following criteria:

  • Clinical stroke cohort including a minimum of 50 patients
  • Clinical confirmation of stroke, including cerebral imaging
  • Documented entry criteria for the cohort including assessment of cognitive state (for example exclusion of dementia at study recruitment or baseline cognitive assessment)
  • Exclusion of patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage from the cohort
  • Documented consent or waiver of consent following local IRB-approved procedure
  • Appropriate copyright permissions have been obtained for use of psychological assessments
  • Availability of multi-domain cognitive assessment data and / or outcomes data describing clinical diagnosis of a recognised psychological syndrome (for example dementia or a dementia subtype)
  • Clear description of timing of assessment in relation to index stroke
  • Monitoring procedures existed to validate data