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Data Request FormSection 1.0Terms and Conditions Data can only be accessed for the agreed duration stated in the project proposal submitted to the appropriate VISTA Steering Committee. Should the need arise to extend this period the VISTA group should be notified; extensions of more than 25% of the planned duration will need committee approval. Analyses may not be undertaken and/or published or reported to an outside group without the knowledge and approval of the appropriate VISTA Steering Committee.   A fixed fee of £2,000 will be charged for all academic analyses, and £10,000 for commercial analyses, with an additional cost of £150 per day or part of a day spent on data extraction. Funding will go towards VISTA costs, data extraction and day–to–day maintenance of the archive. Any abstracts or manuscripts should be reviewed by the appropriate VISTA Steering Committee prior to submission for publication. This applies to both national and international publications.  Inadvertent un-blinding of any individual study in an internal report may not be perpetuated in any subsequent publication. Any publication arising through VISTA analyses should be accompanied by an acknowledgement that the study is on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators.    VISTA may contact collaborators following the analysis period to enquire about the status of publication, and to gauge any improvements which can be made to the resource. I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and will adhere to the terms and conditions of VISTA and that all publications will be reported as on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators.’

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Section 2.0 proposal details 2.1 Investigator Details To propose a project to be carried out using the VISTA-Acute resource, please complete the following section. Please attach a CV for the two main investigators (unless already members of the VISTA collaboration) an upload field will be available at the end of this online application that will allow you to attach your CV to the form. 2.2 Project Details For the consideration for the VISTA-Acute Steering Committee, please complete a project proposal, by completing each section of this online form:

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